Topic: Code Analysis

How to Alias a WordPress Script or Style Dependency

When trying to get fine-grained control over your WordPress dependencies, aliasing assets like JavaScript and CSS can be useful. Whether you’re trying to simply create alternative handles for your resources, or you’re aiming to concatenate your asset pipeline, aliases are helpful to avoid breaking WordPress dependency management. Dependency Aliasing Support in the WordPress core Let’s explore how an alias is made. For both scripts […]

Debugging WP Cron – Delayed Task Execution

Today I tried to debug a WordPress cron task that a plugin was scheduling, was due to trigger, but would not run. I wasn’t sure whether my action callback was registered correctly, or encountering an error during execution, or whether the internal cron process was not working correctly. Every WordPress request can potentially trigger a cron job, if one is due to run. When […]

WordPress Error Saving Custom Field – Fix for Post Meta

Have you encountered the error Please provide a custom field value after attempting to save a custom field in WordPress that has a non-blank value? WordPress gives this error even when you specify a value for your custom field/post meta, which is misleading. When does this happen, and why? The short answer for the exact cause examined here is due to protected meta keys. […]